SEO Auditing Services


Having a website is just part of the solution for gaining valuable leads and traffic from online search

One useful metaphor to explain the importance of great on-site SEO is that of a car (your website) trying to win a Formula1 race. 

Your website is the car – the links to your website represent the fuel. Of course having a car is great, but to have any chance of winning the race, you need a car which is optimised to get maximum speed from the fuel in the engine.  You wouldn’t enter a car with a bad-engine or poor tyres in a race and expect  to win – and same is true websites- it needs to be optimised in such a way so as to get maximum value from every drop of fuel.

A SEO audit will identify issues on your website which may be sub-optimal for maximum performance, so that your developers (the mechanics, to continue with the car metaphor) can fix issues ‘under the hood’ preventing you from having a real chance to win the ‘race’.

At Max-Exposure, we have years of experienced in digital marketing and website optimisation , and when we audit a website we know which factors to look at to ensure your site is standards compliant, accessible and indexable by search-engines and optimised to search-engine best practices in order to perform as well as possible in the competitive online search-landscape.

Our complete site audit examines over 100 different technical and on-page factors pertaining to your website so that we can present you with an actionable and prioritized list of changes which you can apply to your website to bring it in line with SEO best practices.

We look at:

  • Indexation issues
  • Accessibility
  • Architecture
  • Links
  • On-Page factors
  • Content
  • Keywords
  • Analytics
  • Semantic Markup
  • Strategy
  • Social
  • Design + branding
  • Technical issues including server headers / redirects, canonicalization and a whole lot more

and more…

Interested in performing better in organic search? get in touch today to discuss how a SEO audit can help improve your website performance in search.