Link Development & Content Marketing


Every business which wants a share of the online market in their specific niche or vertical understands that the better their website ranks for ‘big-money’ key phrases, the more likely their business will acquire significant volumes of new customers and conversions profitably.

Search engines make the bulk of their money through paid advertising whereby advertisers can bid on visibility for their own websites in search-engine results pages (SERPS). Paid ads in search-results are competing for the clicks to ‘unpaid’ or organic listings in search results pages, which makes having high organic search-positions even more important for online marketers.

The importance of link building

Links from external websites count as ‘votes’ or endorsement to search engines – and are known to be the major ranking factor used by search-engines’ ranking algorithms. When a third party website links to your website it means they are recognizing and endorsing the content. The more authority the referring site has, the more value the link provides.

We are adept at devising creative link development campaigns to satisfy your business goals and to increase ranking to key areas and pages on your website.

How it works

The process of link building is lengthy because it involves research, followed by the creation of excellent content on your own website (content assets) as well as the creation of great content for third party sites which can link to your content assets. Here at Max Exposure we are sticklers for quality, not quantity.

Search engine guidelines explicitly frown upon paid links or shoddy link building techniques, but it doesn’t mean we can’t get develop them by other means, such as content marketing.

With a smart and targeted content strategy we will get your website where it needs to be so you can sit down and relax. No need to worry about penalties or nasty surprises from search engine updates. We are professionals you can trust. Check out our testimonials for yourself!

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